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Wilderness is generally defined as a natural environment on Earth that has not been modified by human activity. 

Do SARCF searches always take place in the wilderness?
No. People can get lost in parcels of land still in their natural state close, or even adjacent to large human populations. They can also go missing in urban settings. However, no matter the search area many of the same rules and skills learned in wilderness search apply to other environments.

Search and Rescue of Central Florida wilderness search and rescue teams are capable of searching high probability local wilderness terrain for moderate to short durations They are proficient at conducting and directing search lines and hasty search techniques.

Personnel has knowledge of wilderness survival skills, capable of establishing and maintaining the direction of travel, have awareness of man-tracking, maintaining site integrity, and navigation (including the ability to triangulate a position, ascertain a UTM, use GPS, and follow a route to a new location using a topographical map and compass.

SARCF field team personnel are certified by National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). Certifications include the level of SAR TECH II or SAR TECH I. These searchers are critical in searching for tracks of the missing, evidence -such as articles, clothing etc the missing may have left behind and may assist in the preservation of articles and evidence etc for law enforcement to use in an investigation of the missing. 

Additionally, certification levels of SAR TECH III and SAR TECH IV are available for those desiring to serve in support roles of their team members deployed into the field during an SAR mission.