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Team Roles

Responding to any search for a missing person requires a host of resources, skill sets, and support. SARCF and its team members are continually working and developing their individual abilities and those of the entire SARCF Team in maintaining a ready-state through training, response, and support development.

Team Roles
Team members possessing a comprehensive network of searching, specialty, and support roles are required in order to effectively conduct any search. These include;
  • Administrative
  • Base Communications (HAM)
  • Boat Operators*
  • Canine Handlers*
  • Equipment Haulers/Operators
  • Field Communications (HAM)*
  • Financial
  • Flankers/ Field Searchers and Support*
  • Mechanics
  • Medical- First Responders/ EMT/Paramedic
  • Metal Detection Operators*
  • Navigations*
  • Operations
  • Planning/Logistics
  • Rehab- Food/Water, and Shelter Support
  • Safety
  • Technology Management
  • Training/ Education
  • Veterinary Care- DVM/ Vet Tech
* Denotes field deployable personnel

Field Deployable Teams
A K-9 team deployed by SARCF usually consists of 3-4 members consisting of; 1 canine, 1 canine handler, 1 flanker/ communicator, and 1 flanker/navigator. Non-K9 teams usually consist of 3-4 members consisting of; 2 flankers, 1 communicator, and 1 navigator.

Each "Team" will have an assigned team leader. Team leaders are those members with the most experience or knowledge of search criteria who will guide the team in the field.

What's a Flanker?
A team member who accompanies a handler/K9 team so the handler can devote full attention to their dog.

What's a Communicator?
This team member accompanies the team to keep communication open with Incident Command Center (IC) and other team members in the field using HAM radio equipment. They also watch for the safety of the team as it navigates through the wilderness terrain.

What's a Navigator?
This team member accompanies a team to locate, navigate to, and remain within the appropriate search area using map/compass, GPS with UTM/NGPS maps. They also watch for the safety of the team as it navigates through the wilderness terrain.

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