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Each Search & Rescue of Central Florida canine team has nationally recognized certifications in particular search and rescue discipline(s). These include canines using a scenting technique for tracking/trailing or air scent/area. Teams are capable of searching and high probability local wilderness terrain for moderate to short duration.

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Canine Handlers own their dog, train and certify with their dog as a canine team. There are several canine disciplines:
  • Air scent/live find
  • HRD: water & land
  • Track/Trailing
  • and more etc.

Handlers are certified by NASAR demonstrating their knowledge of wilderness survival skills, capable of establishing and maintaining the direction of travel, first aid for both human and dog, and personal/dog safety. All canines have the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification and NAPWADA,NOCSARor NASAR Canine SAR-TECH Certification.